3D printing and materials

3D printing and materials

The workshop begins with an overview of 3D printing methods; comparing and contrasting the main methods of 3D printing, the options, benefits and costs involved. After the basics of the machines and materials as such, the workshop goes into the heart of 3D printing possibilities with material manipulation. 

On the second day the workshop focuses on the additive manufacturing of extruded filaments where machine settings, slicers and density options are explored to see and generate different types of results achievable with the same base materials, particularly for flexible filaments.

Participants will be able to experience material manipulation from both the hardware and software aspects, obtaining key knowledge and resources in determining the best materic outcome for outsoles, insoles, uppers/textiles and even flexible footwear.

Sample packets of materials with the main examples shown and discussed during the workshop are available.

About the instructor: Kat Scott is an inventor, designer, and avid researcher of technology, fashion and mass customization of apparel and footwear. Over the past 13 years,  she has worked with a diverse range of clients and companies in the apparel and footwear industries. These experiences have given her the skills and in-depth knowledge to be an innovator in her field. 

 Her work in 3D printing and digital fabrication includes prototyping footwear, apparel, 3D printing on fabric, auxetic structures and experimental textiles.

Dates: April 22-23rd  or June 17-18th
Time: 10:00 - 18:00 Sat-Sunday 
Location: Waalwijk, Netherlands
Class size: maximum 12 people
Price: €699 euro excl. 21% VAT (if applicable) + 100 euro for sample packet (optional)
How to apply : please send an e-mail (please mention the dates your are interested in)
Materials : Please bring a laptop (pc or mac NOT a tablet). Sample packets are available, some filaments and machines may also be purchased via order during the workshop.  

creating an innovative business model

creating an innovative business model

As part of the Professional Footwear curriculum we have open classes on specific themes. This course is especially interesting for those who want to start their company or fine tune their entrepreneurship ideas. 
creating a sustainable business model

creating a sustainable business model

This course is perfect for those who wants to find out how to improve their sustainability on both an environmental and social perspective.