SLEM'S Professional Footwear Innovation is meant for anyone who wants to make a profitable and meaningful contribution to the future of the footwear industry. Due to the professional level of this course and its unique content we attract candidates from around the world and diverse backgrounds who are looking to enter/continue working in the footwear industry on a more senior level or want to start their own business.

 "The structure of the program is extremely self-directed; you have to learn to use your initiative to take control of your projects. This is a skill that really helped me when I landed at Nike." 

- Leon Witherow, footwear designer at Nike - 

The program starts with defining each candidates' personal objectives and direction, which is defined together with SLEM after the application is successful and the enrollment process is complete. This project or direction creates the personal development plan, which tailors the content of the 9-month program to each participants' interests to ensure relevant results and personal growth. This process also ensures that we maintain the high standards of personal attention and meaningful inovation applied to the industry that SLEM stands for. This has everything to do with our unique multi-disciplinary and international format (click to see full screen):

Candidates will then begin the Professional Footwear Innovation program together with colleagues from various backgrounds, to create a unique environment for sharing and connecting knowledge across the footwear industries. The program involves expert insights into new materials, innovative prototyping, sustainable business and smart manufacturing, all of which stimulate candidates to develop forward thinking strategies and find competitive advantages in the market. After three months in Europe there is a four-week excursion in China that covers all aspects of modern footwear manufacturing. Visits to manufacturers who offer the latest technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, knitting and wearable technology are also included. The final part of the program focuses exclusively on the personal development project, this could take place at SLEM, elsewhere, or in-house in a company. 

You can find all details about the program in the brochure below. The next edition starts in October 2017, applications are open and free of charge. You can start your application here.