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SLEM has been working in China for the past five years, teaching Chinese students and companies about innovation, branding and design. We do this through courses - either individually or in groups - that are a combination of training and consulting. Rather than explaining only theory, having students apply that on their own in their job - we let them put theory into practice right away during class. At the end of a first workshop, they already have a much clearer understanding of what their brand DNA should be. To fully build a succesful brand we offer a custom made program of one year, teaching at the company with various people, from strategic managers, to designers and visual merchandisers. Email us for more information.

Masterclass in China

As of 2013 SLEM's Professional Footwear Innovation candidates are also going to China. What started out as an excursion of ten days has now become a full trimester of three months spent at various locations in China. This way candidates get to learn the latest in footwear technology, but also in (online) retail, since China's domestic market is also one of the most important retail markets that many Western brands now want to target.

Hong Kong Polytechnic

The first stop on our way to China mainland is always Hong Kong. Here SLEM collaborates with the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with its brand new Innovation Tower, designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid. This was also the location where we held our very first Mike Friton Athletic Footwear Innovation workshop.

Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic

While in China, we will spend most time in Guangzhou, the centre of the Pearl River Delta, the main footwear production area, and China's third largest city with over 12 million inhabitants. We will spend some time at the campus of the Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic, the largest footwear school in China that is in close proximity to many footwear factories.

Spending time at a Chinese campus is always a very good experience for candidates:

After Guangzhou we will go to Shanghai and Hangzhou, to study retail and visit the headquarters of Taobao, China's biggest online retail platform.

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