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slem consulting

SLEM consults with companies around the world, assisting and training them to improve product development, marketing and sales. Nicoline van Enter, SLEM's creative director, is a world-renowned forecaster and design consultant with more than 20 years experience, working for companies such as Timberland, CAT, K-Swiss, Birkenstock, Converse, CEEN, Yellow Cab, Fornarina, El Naturalista, Hub and many others.

At SLEM she has formed a network of experts that do not just advice companies about future growth opportunities, but can also train their staff to take full advantage of these.

Below you can browse some examples of previous forecasting work we did for various clients. Obviously most consulting work is highly confidential and will not be published at any time. Many things we do go beyond making forecasts and are not visual at all, such as advicing and training companies about new technologies and sustainability, new markets and more effective organizational structures.

Consulting is always tailor made, so please contact us for more information.

previous projects


In the past years SLEM has been doing a lot of work for Chinese companies, helping them to set up international brands. One recent example is CEEN, an online men's footwear brand. We helped them to set up better design, marketing and sales teams and together with them we improved their brand DNA. As their staff had a better grasp of the target group, we helped them restructure their product lines accordingly. This book summarizes the process and shows their new DNA and structure. The project was very succesful and made CEEN the best selling men's footwear brand on Tmall - China's main online retail platform for brands - in 2013.


Nicoline van Enter, SLEM's creative director, has been working for CAT footwear for more than 8 years already, helping to build the company from a safety and worker boot brand to a leading rugged/casual fashion brand with a global scope and growing sales every year. Twice a season she gives a tailor made presentation to upper management and to the design team, identifying, explaining and translating global trends in society and in footwear to the CAT brand.


SLEM publishes its own trend information for SLEMazine and occassionally provides forecasts for other trend companies as well. This forecast for Spring/Summer 2014 was made for Pantone, the world famous color company, by SLEM's Master students, mentored by Nicoline van Enter. It was published on the Pantone View website.


Nicoline van Enter has been making forecasts for View2 magazine ever since the magazine started. The pages are now made in collaboration with the SLEM Master students.

Below you can see more of our past and present clients. We hope that one day your company will be added to this list as well:



The sleminars are major conferences on showcasing the highlights on innovation for the footwear industry of tomorrow. For several years it has acted as a platform that assembles professionals from all over the world.