Accelerating growth for meaningful, innovative startups to positively impact the industry!

we are looking for you!

Do you have an innovative business (idea) within the footwear/leather industry to generate sustainable impact? Are you working on a highly innovative concept to make production methods more local, functional or custom-made? Or do you have a generous biotechnology solution which could be used to positively change the industry?
  • You are a footwear or leather (related) start-up or you are ready to start one.
  • You have a specific, innovative Footwear or Leather related product or service (or prototype) in hand.
  • Your concept fits SLEM’s meaningful, sustainable and innovation standards and has the potential for growth and international impact.
  • You are a team of at least 2 people that are ambitious, passionate and driven to really expand your business on an international scale.

We are also looking for:
  • Industry professionals that are seeking for a social role to share their experience in the footwear- or leather industry by coaching startups.
  • Network partners from different knowledge fields (accountant, lawyer etc.) that want to build long lasting relationships.
  • Investors that like to stay on the forefront of new developments and that are interested in growing together.

take your business to the next level!

SLEM is initiating an inspiring incubator program to boost startups that want to create a profitable and meaningful contribution to the footwear and leather industry. SLEMcubate is a knowledge-based program that offers:
  • A €5K funding to cover your first customer validation costs
  • An intense 3-month acceleration program with 3 stages (business model, partner engagement and scalability), which ensures accelerated growth for startups
  • Fast-track entrepreneurship training, personal development and team building.
  • Access to an extensive international network within the footwear and leather industry
  • By-weekly work sessions of two days at the campus
  • By-weekly coaching sessions of two days at the campus
  • Accommodation in our in-house office spaces at the SLEM campus, hosting an international group of talented startups 


the SLEMcubate program:

This 3-month program at SLEM aims at helping startups to build and fine-tune their business model and value proposition and to find the best product/market combination. We help you to implement key methods and tools to speed-up and strengthen your company in areas such as sales, growth strategy and tactics. Our network of highly experiences mentors will coach you on how to capture and inform potential customers and blow away investors!
After this initial intensive 3-month period you will stay connected to our network for at least another 9 months. We help you to further grow your company by access to our network of mentors, offering an attractive contract at the SLEM campus and the possibility to connect with high-level professionals during our Wet Blue Cafés!

dare to innovate!

Apply now to SLEMcubate, the first incubate program that prepares startups within the Footwear and Leather related industry for international scaling through an exclusive training program, mentoring and workspaces.

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SLEMcubate 2017 will be accepting applications until July 30th, 2017 and the program starts August 14th, 2017 in the center of Waalwijk. If you have questions, please send an email directly to Program Director Bob Snijders, he is available to answer all of your questions.

Ready Set Go! Apply now!  

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