SLEMinars 2014

Footwear Health Tech 2014

Introduction by SLEM Creative Director Nicoline van Enter

Lecture 1:
Dr. Casey Kerrigan spent a large part of her life researching human motion. Her research led her to start her own footwear company, because no one wanted to implement her shocking findings.

Lecture 2: Dr. Wil van Bakel explains the science behind the Backjoy shoes, a shoe that helps the wearer maintain a correct posture. Sensoring technology and 3d printing proved to be key technologies in prototyping this shoe.

Lecture 3: RS Print developed a 3D printed insole solution based on dynamic footscans. CEO Dennis Vandenbussche gives an overview of the measurement, design and manufacturing process.

Lecture 4: Feetz CTO Nigel Beard speaks about their proprietary scanning technology and creating custom 3D printed shoes

Lecture 5: Engineer and biologist Lise Pape developed an insole that improves the mobility of people with Parkinsons and MS.

Lecture 6: Ingrid Knippels, researcher at Mobilab, speaks on the reliability of different ways of measuring feet


Future Footwear Materials 2014

Introduction by SLEM Creative Director Nicoline van Enter

Lecture 1: Physicist Prof. Dr. Martin van Hecke speaks on mechanical metamaterials and their possible future uses.

Lecture 2: Oluwaseyi Sosanya presents his patented 3D weaving technique and process behind its conception.

Lecture 3: Feetz CTO Nigel Beard speaks about developing materials suitable for 3D printing shoes

Lecture 4: Ignacio Garcia speaks about the history of  the world's first elastic filament Filaflex and how to properly use it. Filaflex is extremely well suited to print shoes and insoles.

Lecture 5: Max Groenendijk, CEO of Lightmotif, presents an innovative technique to change the properties of direct injected plastics by laser texturing the mold.