SLEMinars 2016

Future wearable technology in footwear

On April 19, 2016, The Footwear Health Tech Conference took place at SLEM Waalwijk, The Netherlands. The conference was part of a two-day event that also included The Future Footwear Materials Conference, on April 20, as well as an exhibition.

The conference was successful, bringing together over 60 participants, and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the attendees.

The discussions focused on wearable technology and its implementations in footwear. Experts touched on new ways of monitoring and improving health, motion sensors, smart insoles, and interactive footwear to name but a few subjects. It was an inspiring day of innovation for footwear professionals, orthopedic shoemakers, podiatrists, health insurance companies and investors.

Who should attend the next edition:

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Academics
  • Orthopedic Shoemakers
  • Sensor engineers / designers
  • Health Insurance companies
  • Production Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Software developers
  • Company owners
  • Technical Engineers
  • Footwear Consultants/Engineers
  • Footwear Developers/Designers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • 2D/3D Engineers

The Footwear Health Tech Conference

* Dr. Benoît Mariani, CEO, Gait UP, about “Applications with Foot Worn Inertial Sensors”, More information
* Erik Vollebregt, Partner, Axon Lawyers, about “Future footwearables: legal and regulatory issues”, More information
* Freek Boesten, Product manager Wearable Healthcare, Maastricht Instruments, about “How to develop a wearable sensor for healthcare?”, More information
* Dr. Wallen Mphepö is the Display Technology research scientist for iShüu Technologies inventors of the Volvorii Timeless smart shoe. See this video
* Iris Ritsma, Designer, about “Soule – New color changing technology for shoes”, More information
* Fred Holtkamp, Associate Lector of Orthpaedic Engineering, Fontys University of Allied Health Professions, about “Innovation and Challenges in Pedorthics, Challenges of 3D printing”, More information
* Eric Bierman, Design & Development Director, VanBerlo, about “Light Touch Matters”, More information
* Joep Maussen, Founder, Mighty Styley S.L., about “A Radical New Hands Free Shoe Concept”, More information

The Future Footwear Materials Conference

Professor Shahin Rahimifard, Professor of Sustainable Engineering at Loughborough University and Founder and Director of the Centre for “Sustainable Manufacturing And Recycling Technologies (SMART)”, about “A system approach to establishing a Circular Economy in Footwear Industry”, More information
* Liz Ciokajlo, Designer, Liz Ciokajlo, about “Design archetypes and future materials”, More information
* Sanne van den Dungen, Independent Consultant at Mesh-works, RTB and FBBasics, about “Sourcing the right materials”, More information
* Els Zijlstra, Founder and Creative Director at Materia. Materia is gathering innovative materials worldwide and expose them through a search engine, lectures, books and articles, international travelling exhibitions, and consultancy
* Kristel Peters, Researcher and Associated Docent, KASK School of Arts, HoGent Ghent, Shoe Designer, Cojak, about “Rethinking High Fashion Shoes – GROWING SHOES”, More information
* Hugo de Boon & Koen Meerkerk, Fruit Leather Rotterdam, about “Fruitleather Rotterdam”, More information
* Mike Tomkin, Director of Sustainability, Stahl (retired), about “A Sustainable Future for the Leather Industry”, More information
* Pedro Lima, Product Manager, Lucília, Vieira & Lima, Lda (Ultrashoes), about “That’s All Very Nice But I Can’t Afford Those Shoes”, More information
* Gilbert Curtessi, Innovation and Development Director, Transmare, about “SuGu Warehouse”, More information