SLEM Summer: High-end Smart production in Italy

SLEM Summer: High-end Smart production in Italy

SLEM Footwear Innovation institute has an exciting new summer program. SLEM is known for its innovative future-forwards thinking that is applicable within the current industry. This is what SLEM calls “meaningful innovation”, and it’s the driving aspect of its unique industry- oriented methodology.

This 2 week program is held in Italy, Vigevano, in collaboration with SLEM’s partner Atomlab and the newly opened Shoe Style Lab.

The Shoe Style Lab is an ideal location for acquiring footwear knowledge as it is next to the Footwear museum and has both traditional and new machinery for footwear sampling, while Atom lab, a robotics company nearby, is crucial in understanding new methods of production and options for robotic manufacturing.

SLEM’s Summer program offers an entry-level experience into what SLEM’s vision and professional programs are about. It is also a great way to learn both the basics of shoe making and, for those who already know them, to learn new ways of thinking about footwear and give your shoes an added value.

So wether you want to know how great shoes are made, or if you'd like to be able to make or improve your creations, this program is for you.

The program is structured into two weeks; the final result of the course is to have each participant create one shoe prototype and/or one improved prototype.

Further details:
July 3rd- 14th, 2017
Time: 9:00 - 17:00 Monday- Thursday and 9:00-13:00 Fridays
Location: Vigevano, Italy
Class size: maximum 15 people
Price: €2,500 excl. 21% VAT (if applicable)

week 1: being informed

We start with an introduction and company visit to see the current processes of high quality shoe making. The rest of the week involves basic pattern making and shoemaking techniques. The result of the week is a basic shoe prototype done with an existing outsole. Participants can choose to make either a sneaker or a high heel but all shoes will have an emphasis on high quality.

week 2: being innovative

During this week the prototype created will be improved upon by considering environmental and social sustainability, creating meaningful added values and using new technologies such as simple 3D software and printing. Friday morning there are going to be presentations of the works done and the program conclusion. 

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For each summer program we only accept 15 candidates, so make sure that you apply on time.
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